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Netpay International is a Payment Service Provider that has been providing secure and safe credit card clearing services since 1997. With our industry-leading technology , you can be sure that transactions are completed speedily and simply, and with the most stringent of data-security standards in the world, our tech team is working day and night for more than Two decades to adjust and improve the system to the merchant needs, with our great risk system that we develop in the last years we can make any High risk industry to Low risk.

Start accepting credit cards, debit cards and alternative payments solutions today! With Netpay's One stop Shop you can make your own store by adding your product’s easily and start sales in the same day – our store is conceded to banks and to our Gateway, all you need to do is sign up and start working. We offer the most sophisticated Backoffice (merchant control panel) for all your financial transaction requirements, you can be sure that you have anything you need to make your business grow and success. You can easily ask our sales department to send you an API for testing our back office and to connect our system fast and easy

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