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Alon Sergio Elbaz
Founder, CEO
Alon is an accomplished entrepreneur, with years of success in building businesses from the ground up. He began his career in the billing industry in the early 90’s, in New York, where he acquired a taste for system and network administration. This helped him return to Israel and establish Netpay, with one goal in mind; help millions of people around the world navigate the Internet and make their transactions for products and services safer, faster, smarter and more reliable.
Limor Mamon
Chief Financial Officer
As the CFO of the company Limor accomplishes her finance and organizational operations in a highly efficient manner. She holds a B.A. in Finance and Accounting from the Tel Aviv University, Israel. With her knowledge and determination, she helps keep our company ahead of the competition.
Zeev Lavi
Chief Technology Officer
Zeev started his professional career in 1998 as a senior software developer for Compunet Ltd.
With more than two decades in the industry and years of experience in software development, databases and IT infrastructures, he is the CTO of our company.
Zeev holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Nassau College NY, USA.
May Yedidya
Head of Sales
May‘s careers started in USA, where, during a 15-year period, she held several business development and managing positions, within a variety of industries. Upon returning to Israel. she joined Netpay team. With her will-power and all-conquering demeanor, she enthusiastically pursues our company's mission and goals. May holds a B.A. in Computer Science from CUNY, Queens College, USA.
Michal Hikri
Head of Risk & Compliance
Michal joined Netpay with over a decade of experience in marketing and operations tasks in the online payment industry. With her background and analytical skills, she guards the company and our customer's interests and security. Michal holds a B.A. in History of East-Asia from Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Adam Elbaz
Sales Manager
Adam joined Netpay directly from the sea. Effortlessly transitioning from skipper to global business developer, thanks to his strong understanding of sales processes and customer relationship-management. Adam holds a B.A. in Business Management from the Open University, Israel.
David Baba
Technical Support Manager
David has extensive experience in support and professional services, and assisting costumers around the globe. He hold a B.A. in Managing and Financing from the Carmel College-Israel. He is a competitive team-player, who always contributes to a great atmosphere.
Flora Sherf
Accounting Manager
Flora has 23 years of managerial and operational experience in the credit card industry. Previous to Netpay, she worked as shift manager at Yatzil, Visa Cal Group. Flora is passionate about finance and her enthusiasm for her work is tangible.
Luz Vanessa Baca Olivera
Sales Manager
Vanessa serves as the representative of Netpay in South America And responsible for customer relations. She was born in South America and has knowledge, experience and orientation in this market, which she directs to recruit clients. Vanessa has extensive business relationships in the continent and is a mediator for companies interested in penetrating the South American market and in need of a contact person.